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Massage Why Bother With It ?

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Body Massage Tunbridge Wells

Why bother with a massage? Well, why bother with going to the doctors? Truth is – both can be very beneficial to your health. Massage is a natural way for your body to heal itself and relieve any muscular pain and hey, its a brill stress reliever and also helps with fatigue, headaches and flexibility!

So? What types of massage are available to you? Well…where to start?! Here at Serenity Therapies in Tunbridge Wells, Kent we offer: 
~ Indian Head Massage
~ Sports Massage
~ Deep Tissue Massage
~ Hawaiian Massage
~ Aromatherapy Massage
~ Myofascial Release
~ Warm Bamboo Massage
~ Hot Stone Massage
~ Baby Massage
And we are exploring other types of massage – such as the Seashell Massage – which yes, is just as self-explanatory as it sounds! Exotic and exciting- we can’t wait to see the results it gives our clients! So keep an eye out for that being introduced!

So for those of you wondering what the whole massage experience is like well – I’ll give you a quick low down – the stereotypical full body massage can either be to help relax your muscles or to help relieve pain and tightness within the body. We have two therapists here at Serenity Therapies that work with massage, however Victoria Johnson, the manager and owner of Serenity specialises in massage particularly deep tissue & sports.
So basically you would usually be asked to fill out a client form just declaring any skin conditions, recent operations, illnesses ect. The overall experience of the massage leaves the majority of our clients feeling as if they are floating out of the salon, they often leave us happy, relaxed and usually ready to curl up and sleep for hours!

Is massage for you?
Usually everyone can benefit from a massage, may that be to help relieve pain or stress, or just as a treat to help you relax and enjoy some quiet time to yourself. Why not give us a call and book something in with us, I mean, we have a wide range of massages – there must be something there that sounds appealing? Our therapists are highly trained and welcome you to visit us whenever suits you.


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