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Who says Beauty salons aren’t for men!?

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So… okay. Let me guess. You probably don’t believe that a Beauty salon is a place for men? Well, you’re wrong.
Why is it only ‘acceptable’ for women to go to beauty salons? When in actual fact men benefit from the treatments we offer here at our salon, tucked just off the high street in Tunbridge Wells!
Come on, just think about it.
All those gorgeous models in magazines, on posters or billboards – all those actors that girls practically fall head over heels for…?
Or those handsome and strong athletes that you watch on TV… don’t you think THEY look after themselves? I mean those cyclists don’t get hairless legs by just wishing it my lovelies, there is a high chance they endured just as much pain, if not more than the average lady who comes and visits us for their regular leg wax.
And all those actors and models with flawless skin – yeah Photoshop and makeup may be involved in there somewhere, but I am pretty sure a damn good facial helps with that ‘effortlessly’ clear skin appearance.

And besides, our treatments extend further from the average ‘beauty treatments’ – we have our extremely popular Sports Massage and Laser Lipo treatments alongside Glycolic Face Peels, Collagen Infusion, Myofascial Release and many more! And yes, that is right, we get a lot of sportsmen coming in to be treated for sports injuries and pains. So come on people, lets drop the petty stereotype. Men are entitled to some pampering just as much as we are.

So why not book your man in for one of our Men’s Facials or a relaxing massage to release all his built up stress? You know you’d appreciate it, so why not treat him!

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