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What is Hawaiian massage?

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Massage is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of healing. Hawaiian massage is also known as Ka Huna, Lomi Lomi or Temple style massage.

Hawaiian style flowing massage is an ancient form of massage therapy that treats the mind as well as the body.  The Hawaiians see all aspects of the body as one and believe that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all parts of the individual “whole”, so the massage is not just a physical experience, it also facilitates healing on all levels, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

The fundamental premise of  Huna (Ka Huna means healer) is that everything seeks harmony and love – one of the alternative names for Lomi Lomi is “loving hands” massage – so whilst technique is an important part of the massage and associated healing, much of the work is done by love, with the focus of the therapist using loving hands and a loving heart.
The massage works by stimulating the natural flow of energy within the body – clients are encouraged to focus on their breathing during the massage.  Inhaling enables you to draw fresh energy into yourself and exhaling allows you to expel tension and negativity.

There is no set format or routine, the treatment may be slow and relaxing or faster and invigorating, depending on the client’s needs, and everyone will have a different technique.

Hawaiian massage is generally deep and rhythmical.  Oils are applied with long forearm strokes.  The rhythm is relaxing and works gently but deeply into the muscles.  The energy comes from using this rhythm and movement to create a continuous ebb and flow between practitioner and recipient.

You may be asked if it is like a Swedish massage; Aunty Margaret (see History) who gave Lomi Lomi to the masses) says absolutely “no”.  “It is very different, it’s a praying work.  Each student learns first to pray to God”.
One of the common similarities among Lomi Lomi practioners of old was the power and knowledge they had.  That is, their ability to communicate deep to the bones of their patients via their touch through soft tissues, yet being  non-invasive and connecting it all with spirit, says Maka’ala Yates, a Hawaiian medicine specialist.

This technique focuses on finding congested areas in the body and dispersing them, by moving the palms, thumbs, knuckles and forearms in rhythmic dance-like moves.  Setting the intention for healing, the kahuna would also utilise prayer (pule), breath (ha) and energy (mana).  The practice of  Lomi Lomi was common within each Hawaiian community and contributed to a vibrant, healthy society.

Aunty Margaret, who is one of the oldest and most widely recognised teachers of Lomi Lomi literally means “knead knead”, but the definition is “The Loving Touch – a connection of heart, hands and soul with the Source of All Life”.

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