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Voila! It’ Valentines!

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Ladies and Gentlemen – It is February once again, and once again, we can not escape the inevitable. Valentines Day.
May it be vulgar, voluminous, voluptuous or horridly vacant – Never the less Valentines is closing in on us rapidly.

What plans have you? To go out for a luxurious dinner with you loved one? Or to stay in lying on the couch with your cat and the two most important men in your life – Ben & Jerry? Will you be kissing your everything or that delicious Pizza slice? Either way – in my eyes Valentines is the perfect holiday to celebrate yourself or if you really have to – your significant other.

So why not take advantage of the situation? Don’t wallow in self pity that you are alone. And if you’re smitten as a kitten – then make the most of it! Treat yourself AND your lovely to some pampering – pop in and see us for a relaxing massage, or have one of our Facials to leave you feeling fresh faced and young once agian! (Yes, we do facials for men too!)

Lads – this is your warning – the date is Sunday 14th February (its in bold – you have no possible way of ignoring it) I’m handing it to you on a plate. Your lady would love to come and visit us, make her feel more radiant than she already is – we can make her totsies, as soft as a baby’s bum – her nails, spik and span – her skin, glowing and fresh. And all you have to do is smile and wave her off and go enjoy a nice ol’ drink while you await your princess to re-emerge ready to thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for her!
And to make it even better! We do Gift Vouchers! So you can even give her a little something to open – which lets face it – will always make a girl happy!

So give us a call to book yaself a little summin summin in – 01892 535252
Or head on over to our website where you can order yourself a Gift Voucher – or your lovely – a Gift Voucher just click here!

Call us now to book your appointment on 01892 535252 or 07947 187986