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Serenity Signature Facial

Enjoy a luxury bespoke facial treatment with Serenity Therapies, created just for you. We will cleanse your skin using either our cleanse and peel or salicylic cleanse. This will be followed by our black powder detox exfoliate which uses bamboo charcoal. We will then give you a relaxing massage designed to tighten, firm and drain the skin and muscles which is our bespoke Natural Facelift Massage. Then a Caviar mask is applied alongside Betty our led light therapy mask over the top for added cell renewal. Followed by advance moisturising cream to suit your skin types and concerns. Eye cream and sun cream.

All in all a luxury signature facial bespoke just for you

There are many bamboo charcoal products on the market, however this one is very special as it is eco and sensitive skin friendly. It contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives.

For all skin conditions

The ekseption Black powder detox is sulfate, preservative and PEG free. It does not contain any fragrance, and is gentle on the skin making it suitable for all skin types.

This product is beneficial for all clients as it has been designed to remove pollution and impurities from the skin, gained from exposure to daily life and the environment. It detoxifies the skin while gently exfoliates, removes dead cells and impurities, reduces skin pigmentation and balances skin tone.

Improves skin softness and texture

The main ingredient is bamboo charcoal spheres that melt on contact with water. They are very efficient at exfoliating and detoxifying the skin. your skin will feel clean, soft and appear more radiant after first application.

Price list

Serenity Signature Facial – 60 mins £70

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