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Chemical Face Peels

Ekseption Chemical Peels

Ekseption is a brand that is built around the belief that significant improvement in skin health requires both professional treatments to address key concerns, such as; wrinkles, laxity, and uneven skin tone. And advanced home care products to correct visible signs of ageing, prevent future damage, and to achieve healthy skin.

Ekseption range uses safe superficial PHA (polyhydroxy acids) chemical peels. It is also known as no-peel peels and are found to be just as effective as AHA’s and BHA’s, however they cause less irritation compared to other acids, and have been found to be compatible with clinically sensitive skin, including dermatitis and rosacea.

PHA’s have the ability to prevent loss of moisture in the skin and offer both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. The Ekseption range of peels can accommodate all skin types and a wide variety of skin conditions.

The aim of chemical peels

A chemical peels entails the application of exfoliating chemicals to the skin, resulting in a stimulation of the epidermal and dermal structures. Regenerative mechanisms are set in motion, the aim to cause an improvement in the structure and importantly the appearance in the skin.

Consecutive safe superficial peels for deep skin rejuvenation

The gentle peels are repeated with a specific interval allowing the skin to heal but not regrow. It removes skin layers, peel after peel, in a safe way avoiding downtime and side effects. Polyhydroxyacids are less irritating, the provide comfort upon application (no burning sensation) and better results compared to AHA’s. The peelings do not contain preservatives, ammonium hydroxide, tromethamine or any other harmful buffers. The PH is stabilised with sodium lactate, and a component of a natural moisturising factor with keratolytic functions.

Combining specific at home skin care with professional peelings

The peeling programs are based on different steps: activation, peeling, repair and remodelling. For each step the cosmeceuticals optimise the results. The active ingredients protect from UV radiations and free radicals, reduces pigmentation, normalise skin PH and control cellular renewal.

The first active peels combining acids, hyaluronic acid and peptides

The hyaluronic acid provides the peels with a gel like texture for an easier application, a more controlled peel and a high moisturising effect. The peptides are infused into the skin together with the acids to reduce, wrinkles, ageing, acne and pigmentation.

Maximum safety and results all year long

The acids that are used are non-photosensitising and can be used all year long when combined with the all day shield sun protection and the correct moisturiser within the range. The peelings are highly concentrated in acids with a PH between 2 and 3.5 to cover all skin types and indications. They are also very safe and show a very limited risk of hyperpigmentation.

Price list

  • Retinol Peel £80
  • £70 per treatment includes LED Light
  • Course start from £241 including home care

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