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Shove the Shaving!

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Waxing & Threading Hair Removal in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Why you should make Waxing your New Years Resolution
Here we are again, the New Year. 2016… So, you’ve given up chocolate? ‘Dry January’? Started at the local gym? New Year, New you? Well here’s a new one for you. Give up shaving. Yup, you read it right! Waxing is the way forward for 2016! And here’s why:

-Hair grows back finer and less wiry
-There is no need to shave daily, bi-daily or even weekly!
-No itchiness! (If you get what I mean ladies!)
-Prickly legs no longer become a problem!
-By summer ‘unwanted’ hair will be a very minor problem
-Ingrown hairs are less-likely
-Dark underarm patches less visible

Why wouldn’t you want to wax?! And yes, Gents this applies to all you hairy beasts too! Back and chest waxing is becoming more and more popular (even the odd eyebrow tidy up!) overall waxing is easier and gives much better results than the old razor blade sitting in your shower!

Another pro, you get to come to our Serene haven in Tunbridge Wells for your waxing, no more wobbling on one leg in the shower. You get to lie down and let the qualified therapist do the rest, and you walk out hair free and ready to face the world! What more could a human being want?

2016! Let the wretched Razorblades RUST!

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