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Laser LipoSculpt

LipoSculpt Laser Lipo weight loss in Tunbridge Wells

Have you heard about the amazing Laser LipoSculpt! It’s safe form of laser liposuction that can really change your body, within just a couple of . And guess what – it’s completely painless! There are no needles or injections which means no recovery time and more importantly no health risks, it uses a mild low laser or cold laser treatment to reduce your body’s fat. You can literally pop in for a treatment on your lunch break and go straight back to work!
The results shown in this ‘before & after’ photo is a result of just ONE treatment! Imagine the results after a series of 10 sessions… amazing right?! And all PAINFREE – could it get any better?!
We have had so many brilliant results with astonishing size loss of 16 inches over a course of ten treatments! That’s at least two dress sizes smaller! Its absolutely perfect for those upcoming events where you need to get back into that gorgeous dress you brought months ago, particularly with Christmas fast approaching, sorry to have to mention the ‘C’ word so early – it may only be mid-September but December will be upon quicker than we think! It’s even perfect for just helping you loose those unwanted extra pounds ASAP!
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Call us now to book your appointment on 01892 535252 or 07947 187986

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