The Inch Loss Laser LipoSculpt has been at Serenity Therapies for three years and we have had excellent results!
This non surgical and non invasive machine gives brilliant results. May it be that you want to loose those Christmas pounds or want toning up for a special event, or even to have the gorgeous bikini bod ready for summer, LipoSculpt can help with it all!

How does it work?
The LipoSculpt emits low levels of laser energy and penetrates the skin, this makes the fat cells “sweat” water, glycerol and free fatty acids. The fat cell shrinks and the lymphatic system removes the fatty liquids through the body’s natural metabolic function and these are used by the body as an energy source.
They are then processed in the same way as fatty foods are digested, the procedure gives a healthy and safe inch loss.

What areas can be Treated?
•Hips (Love handles) or (Muffin Top)
•Upper back fat
•Lower back fat
•Arms (under biceps) or (Bingo Wings)
•Baby bulge (Mummy Tummy)
•Double Chins
•Above knee areas
•Male breasts (Moobs)

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