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Hop on board the Hopi Train!

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Hopi Ear Candling in Tunbridge Wells

Hop On Board The Hopi Train!

What is Hopi? Why should I board the train for Hopi? Will Hopi be for me? How would Hopi help if it was?
Questions, questions, questions!
Calm down people! And I will explain…
The Hopi Ear Candle. That’s what we’re talking about! ‘AHHH OBVIOUSLY’ I hear you say…no? Well then, I’ll elaborate…
Hopi ear candling is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears that could help with symptoms of discomfort. Its relaxing… so relaxing we let you curl up on your side under a blanket so that we can easily fit the candle into your ear.
Chill guys, its not the kind of candle you have on your dining room table at Christmas time, that drips wax all over the shop, its a hollow tube/cone type candle and when its lit its pretty much acts as a chimney! The smoke travels down the centre of the candle and into the ear, the rising air column creates a mild suction action and the movement of the flame creates a vibration of air in the candle – basically all this science-y stuff generates a massage-like effect! How great is that! It’s wonderfully soothing, warm (brill for the chilly weather) AND helps to balance internal and external ear pressure.
Afterwards, you get… *drumroll* A FACE MASSAGE… Okay its only a 5-10 minute massage tops, just to help with drainage and sinuses and stuff but its a massage non-the-less!

Results can vary from person to person and there is no ‘scientific evidence’ to back this up, however we have had our own in salon results, it has been known to help alleviate symptoms of –
– Headaches & Migraines
– Blocked ears and sinuses
– Sleeping disorders
– Stress
– Travel sickness
– Balancing ear pressure before flying

We have also had great results back – here is a recent testimonial from one of our clients:
‘I had a hopi ear candle treatment with you during the Christmas period. I was a bit cynical not having had it before but I wanted to let you know it has made a significant difference! I am not snoring at night, my ears feel clear and I’m not sneezing as much as I normally do. I am really impressed! In the past I have always had my ears syringed at the Doctor but this is a far more pleasant and effective method.’

Helen January 8th 2016

Don’t seem to bad eh? Might help with that husbands thunderous snoring at night that causes your ‘sleep disorder’! Hit two birds with one stone eh?

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